A Soothing Frontend for the Animal Advocacy Forum


This is a frontend for the Animal Advocacy Forum. It aims to present Animal Advocacy Forum posts in a way which I (Nuño Sempere) personally find soothing. It achieves that that goal at the cost of restricted functionality—like not being able to make or upvote comments and posts. It is based on a similar effort for the Effective Altruism Forum, which shares the same software.



This forum frontend has a frontpage at animals.nunosempere.com/frontpage. It displays the latest posts in chronological order, and looks like this:

Recent comments

This forum frontend has a page showing the latest comments at animals.nunosempere.com/comments. It displays the latest comments in chronological order, together with their optional parent comment, and looks like this:


Like the EA forum, this frontend has an endpoint for posts at:

https://animals.nunosempere.com/posts/[post id]/[optional post slug]

An example post—chosen to be a link post so that you can see both the article and the comments—looks like this:

Further notes