Introducing Hive: A rebrand for Impactful Animal Advocacy

By Hive (formerly Impactful Animal Advocacy), Constance Li, Sofia Balderson, Kevin Xia, allisona @ 2024-05-07T04:45 (+4)

We are excited to announce that Impactful Animal Advocacy is rebranding as Hive, the same organization with a fresh look and feel. 

After much thought and consideration, we envision Hive to better reflect who we are – capturing our collaborative spirit and commitment to generating impact within the farmed animal advocacy movement.

View the new and updated “us” at 

This change is, in part, a response to common feedback that the name Impactful Animal Advocacy is too long (10 syllables!), hard to remember, and difficult to recognize as the acronym IAA. While we believe Hive will allow us to better serve the community, we are so proud of our growth as IAA. Our new name won’t have the word “impactful” in it – but it’s still an important part of our mission: to end factory farming through creating impact-focused communities.

About our new brand

Through this rebrand, we are embracing a warmer and inviting image while staying true to our core values. We want to convey a sense of friendliness and approachability, combined with a rational and results-driven approach. This new chapter marks an important milestone in our growth, and we are excited to share it with all of you, our community.

🐝Name: Hive

The word hive is a place full of activity, or in the context of bees, it’s a place where many gather. In our case, we hope that, together, we can produce more impact or value. Hive symbolizes collaboration and coordination, while still bearing a subtle animal element.

💬 Logo: Hexagon with 3 typing indicator dots

The hexagon is a reference to bee hives. The three typing indicator dots are common on digital platforms and help explain that we are largely an online community that thrives on communication. 

🟧 Colors: Deep and light orange gradient

We think these warmer colors will help establish the brand as a place for fresh ideas and energy. The fluid nature of the gradient represents the diversity of viewpoints and collaborative nature of our community.  

We can’t end the post without sharing appreciation to everyone that has helped us get here: 

(Not pictured: the 2,250+ other community members)


We’d love to hear what you think about our new name, logo, and website. Please send any of us a message on Slack, comment on the post, or send anonymous feedback here