A Milestone Achievement: Washington State Leads the Way

By Giulia Malerbi @ 2024-02-28T10:47 (+11)

I am thrilled to share that the bill to prohibit octopus farming in Washington State has passed the Senate with a 29-20 vote, now awaiting the Governor's signature to become law within three weeks. 

This pivotal moment marks a significant step towards ending animal cruelty and protecting aquatic animals. Washington's bold action sets a precedent, urging other regions to enact similar bans. This achievement underscores our collective commitment to a more humane world, demonstrating the urgent need to halt and reverse the spread of cruelty! 

For any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at giulia@ali.fish


For background:

Aquatic Life Institute implements global campaigns that aim to increase public and legislative pressure to achieve a regulatory ban on the practice of octopus farming and reduce future chances of these farms being created elsewhere. Additionally, the organization works with corporations on procurement policies banning the purchase of farmed octopus. Aquatic Life Institute spearheads the Aquatic Animal Alliance (AAA), a global coalition with over 140 animal protection organizations across six continents to collectively address the issues facing trillions of aquatic animals. The organization also runs the Aquatic Animal Policy focus group (AAP), which advances the interests of farmed and wild-caught aquatic animals worldwide through legal and governmental systems. For additional research and information, please refer to ALI’s campaign page.

allisona @ 2024-02-29T16:46 (+1)

Guilia, thank you (and coalition members) for all your hard work on this! It has been exciting to see HB 1153 move through committees so quickly. 

Do you know if the Gov is expected too sign this or if advocacy will be needed?

Giulia Malerbi @ 2024-03-05T14:42 (+1)

We're counting on the Governor to sign it, but we'll keep everyone posted should we need to add pressure! Thanks for the nice words and support!