California OCTO Act Passes First Committee

By Giulia Malerbi @ 2024-04-12T10:15 (+6)

I'm excited to announce another significant milestone in our global efforts to end octopus farming. The OCTO Act (CA AB 3162), spearheaded by the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Social Compassion, recently passed the California Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee with a resounding bipartisan vote of 12-1-2.

A special shoutout to Tessa Gonzalez, Senior Researcher at Aquatic Life Institute, and Amanda Fox of Animal Rights Initiative, whose compelling oral testimonies were instrumental in this achievement.

As we gear up for the next stages, let’s take a moment to celebrate this victory and maintain this momentum!

A heartfelt thank you to all the organizations tirelessly advocating for this crucial cause.

Sophika Kostyniuk @ 2024-04-12T18:38 (+2)

And a huge congratulations to Giulia Malerbi, Aquatic Life Institute's Global Policy Lead, for driving this opportunity forward with our key partners, and coordinating numerous activities in the background.