Koi Maki Bar announces its cage-free commitment since 2024

By Sandra Limande @ 2024-05-02T00:17 (+1)

Hello everyone!


We are very pleased to share that Koi Maki Bar, a Peruvian restaurant in Trujillo city with two locations, has started using cage-free eggs since last week. Koi Maki Bar made the announcement through an Instagram reel showing the cruelty of cage systems and mentioning Open Wing Alliance.


Commitment link:

You can see the publication of the commitment in this LINK.


Scale: National (PerĂº)


Timeline: First contact in March, weekly follow ups.


Who: Compromiso Verde


Unsuccessful Tactics: Sending the database of cage-free egg producers that supply Trujillo city didn't work. Unfortunately, the producers either didn't respond or changed prices after negotiation. Because of this, the owner almost gave up on making the commitment.


Successful Tactics: Speaking directly with the suppliers to request quotes, validate that the supplier issues invoices, and ensure the supplier sends the eggs directly to the restaurant. This way, I managed to get the restaurant to agree to work with a cage-free supplier.


Scalability: Koi Maki Bar is one of the top restaurants in the La Libertad region according to the SUMMUM awards 2023 in Peru. This commitment is important because La Libertad is the third egg-producing region in Peru.

Follow Up: We will stay in touch to request reports and validate compliance with the commitment.


Thank you!


Sandra Limande Lopes