First national conference on Cage Free Hens In Peru

By Iselda Livoni - Arba Peru @ 2024-04-24T14:01 (+1)

Hello FAST members!

I wanted to tell you that we’re celebrating that on Wednesday the 18th, Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of April we had our


(First national conference on Cage Free Hens In Peru)

The 4 organizations that carry out corporate work in Peru were part of this meeting with a vision of setting objectives, forms of cooperation and communication. The groups were made up of all the corporate teams of the NGOs: Sinergia Animal, Fundación Veg, Arba and Compromiso Verde. The event took place at the Selina Hotel in Lima.

Among many other topics: 

Making  the resources that our organizations transparent and available to everyone. 

Developing forceful and synchronized strategies, i.e. "good cop, bad cop”.

We proposed a descriptive document of our work to implement commitments in Peru. 

We built a calendar of actions, tactics and negotiations with the companies chosen to put pressure on them. 

We worked on several ideas and volunteer mobilization activities.

We’re developing cooperation instances for the entire year and an optimized and detailed and updated document on the situation of each company.

On the final day of the meeting, along with some volunteers, street actions were carried out against the hotels .

They were incredible days, of great synergy, commitment and friendship,

The teams shared a great experience, our common objective is clear, to free the laying hens from the cages. We are sure   is the secret that makes ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

So let's go for more!