Executive Director, Animal Outlook

By Cheryl Leahy @ 2024-05-11T15:47 (+2)

Animal Outlook is ready for its next stage! I’ve had the privilege of serving Animal Outlook for nearly 18 years, and am so proud of how much AO has grown, accomplished, and professionalized in that time. In my 4th year now as AO’s Executive Director, we are at a strong place: we’ve built a truly committed, high-performing team. It’s time for the organization to advance this work forward into its next phase. AO is ready for a new Executive Director!


Accordingly, I’m pleased to announce that the Animal Outlook Board of Directors will formally begin accepting applications for a new Executive Director, and encourage all interested candidates to apply, and invite you to share with your networks. 


I’ve had the honor of being part of this organization since it was small and mighty, as well as through multiple phases of its evolution alongside the broader movement and culture around it. In particular, in my time as ED, I am proud to have been able to build upon what made Animal Outlook special and strengthen the programs that offer unique value to the animals—compelling and innovative undercover investigations, legal advocacy, supply-side campaigns and persuasive and uncompromising vegan advocacy. 


And now, I’m fortunate to be able to hand off the organization in peak form: we have a team of driven and creative professionals who get results and encourage each other’s growth. Going forward, we are excited to see the organization continue to build and grow under the guidance of a leader who has a set of skills that will best fit the next phase for AO. I plan to continue as the full-time Executive Director until we have a new ED in place and well-situated. I’ll be available to help ensure a smooth and successful transition, from the search and interview process, through onboarding, and beyond. I’ve gone on the Animal Outlook board so I can continue to play this supportive role.


Thank you for your continued support of AO, and please consider applying if the job description speaks to you, and pass along to anyone who you think might be a great next leader of Animal Outlook!


For those who are curious: for my part, I plan to move onto projects that I have been excited about and working toward but not able to dedicate a lot of time to in recent years, but look forward to staying close to AO. 





Below is the job posting. To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to jobs@animaloutlook.org


Executive Director, Animal Outlook – Job Description

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Animal Outlook is a national nonprofit animal protection organization with a long track record of innovative, high impact achievements. Founded in 1995, Animal Outlook has grown to a team of skilled professionals doing cutting-edge work in undercover investigations, legal advocacy, vegan outreach and education, and transitioning animal farmers into plant farmers. Our mission: strategically challenging animal agribusiness through undercover investigations, legal advocacy, corporate and food system reform, and disseminating information about the many harms of animal agriculture, empowering everyone to choose vegan.

Position Description

Keeping in alignment with the mission and vision of the organization, the Executive Director sustains, builds upon, and grows the organization and its impact. The Executive Director is responsible for delivering results in alignment with and building upon Animal Outlook’s mission and strategy, ensuring necessary resources and identifying and providing increases in alignment with strategic objectives. This includes building and effectively utilizing financial resources and key relationships both inside and outside of the organization, building our public profile and influence, and crafting and overseeing the implementation of effective and intentional systems of management, staffing, and resource use of the organization, its structure and direction, fiscal health, and impact.



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