Hoteles Estelar del Perú announces its cage-free commitment since 2024

By Sandra Limande @ 2024-04-30T21:29 (+1)

Hello everyone!


We have great news to share! Hoteles Estelar del Perú, which operates 3 establishments in Perú, is making the transition to 100% cage-free eggs starting this year and has just shared the announcement on its Instagram stories. 


Commitment link:

You can watch the video of the commitment at this Google Drive link.


Scale: National (Perú)


Timeline: First contact in March, 2 formal meetings.


Who: Compromiso Verde


Unsuccessful Tactics: n/a


Successful Tactics: The company agreed to make the transition after 2 in-person meetings. They were receptive from the beginning when we showed them that Hoteles Estelar has had a cage-free commitment in Colombia since 2017.


Scalability: This commitment is a major win for us as we're currently leading a campaign advocating for hotel chains to adopt a cage-free policy.

Follow Up: We will stay in touch to request reports and validate compliance with the commitment.