By Priyanka Bangari @ 2024-04-19T13:36 (+1)

The Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC), which exercises large influence over 5 districts of Assam is collaborating with the Danish Consortium of Academic Craftmanship (DCAC) and the Dalum Landbrugsskole, an academy for agricultural business in Denmark. The collaboration is towards training piggery owners in the BTC region by sending 50 such owners to Denmark, who would then be trainers for 60,000 more piggery owners in the region. The program through which these steps are being taken - the Bodoland Pig Mission, is focused on production of 1 lakh kg of pork per day by the 5th years across the 5 districts. Given these developments the piggery industry which is still nascent in the BTC region is likely to undergo massive expansion. The rest of the country where such expansion has taken place entails a large scale usage of gestation and farrowing crates. We would like to connect with any of the groups that have engaged in advocacy against crates in the EU so far.